Acknowledging the true costs of the web

Okay, take six. A year and four months later, and here we are at post #2.

It’s been quite a packed year. My wife and I had our first child, an absolutely perfect baby boy, and we moved into our first house. Two miracles in a year is really more than I can ask for.

It’s also been a year of absorbing ideas, knowledge, and wisdom from the higher ed web community. Attending my first HighEdWeb last October was brilliant (our entire web team of three was able to go!) and the Leadership Academy filled me with inspiration.

But somehow the daily grind seems to take over everything. Day in and day out we work to keep our institutions’ web properties going, and sometimes it seems that no matter how much effort we pour in, the website groans under the weight of its own ROTing content as entropy does its thing.  Continue reading

Here we go again

Let the record show that this is the 5th time I’ve attempted to start a blog. When I tell people who want to start one for themselves or their department how hard it is, I’m speaking from experience.

So why keep trying? Because we have a lot of work to do and not enough to do it with. But the conversations and resources that come out of the higher ed community can lift all boats, especially during a time when the future of our industry may feel a little shaky.

We have to do better at helping our institutions adapt to the changes brought on by the web.